The Time Has Come

After 35 years of dreaming, after many years of looking for the right boat, after a year of planning, preparations and upgrades, the time has come. On May the 3rd 2015 in the morning at 06:00 I will follow the “call of the running tide” and set sail. I will leave the Oosterschelde and sail into the North Sea to Belgium and across the English south coast, I will cross the English Channel to France, then cross the Bay of Biscay, I will round Cap Finistère and sail along the Portuguese coast all the way south to Spain and Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean. I will sail to the Baleares, to Sardinia and Sicily, I will drop anchor at Odysseus home island Ithaca and finally round Cap Sounion with its ancient temple of Poseidon and head north to Oropos where I will drop the anchor in the bay where I learned to sail when I was a child.