Thursday, May the 14th – 22:30 – Brest

The English Channel crew has left, the Biscay crew has arrived. Today was a very rainy day with a lot of wind which was forecasted some days ago. The next week is dominated by a high pressure area forming over the Azores providing relatively light winds for the crossing of the Biscay.

Yesterday morning, the wind instrument started to work again (!?). Despite of the heavy downpour it is still working properly. Also, when I wanted to demonstrate the problem I have with the heating (which turns off automatically 5 minutes after normal operation) I realized that it had also magically repaired itself. I had tried so many things over the past 6 months but couldn’t get it working… This afternoon, as if nothing had been wrong with it in the past, it did provide warmth for 2 hours continuously until I switched it off. It is great this thing is working again now where I am heading into warmer climates and won’t need it anymore.

20150514 Rainy Day in BrestRainy day in Brest – Moulin Blanc marina

20150514 Boat dry in BrestFalling dry. I suppose they know exactly what they are doing but would you do that to your boat??