Wednesday, July the 8th – 23:00 – Messina / Sicily

At 9:30 we left Lipari and headed southeast to the strait of Messina. With the Charybdis on starboard and the Skyla on the portside we entered the strait at about 14:00 with the stream going south at about 2.5 knots. We had to take care to stay outside the traffic separation scheme but also avoid all the swordfish boats with their extra-long extensions on the bow. The wind in the strait changed direction a few times in the short way to Messina and increased to F4-F5 when we arrived in Marina Netuno just next to Messina’s commercial harbour. Getting into the box was quite adventurous because of the limited space. The “Marinero” had to push against the bow with the RIB in order to get us in. I will need him again tomorrow for leaving. By the way, this marina is by far the most expensive one all along the way from Holland: 88.00 Euro! If I knew this I would have bypassed it. Anyway, at least it has two toilets and one shower.

Next destinations: Giardini Naxos and finally the day after Catania.

20150708 Lipari
The morning before leaving Lipari

20150708 Entering strait Messina
Entering the strait of Messina

20150708 Sworfisher
Swordfish fishing boats

20150708 Netuno Marina Messina
Messina mooring is a combination of going to a finger pontoon but also using laid mooring lines. This is important because of the swell running into the harbour caused by the ferries crossing the strait all night long