Tuesday, July the 21th – 20:00 – Vathi – Ithaki / Greece

20150709 Andra mi enepen

Andra moi ennepe, mousa, polutropon hos mala polla
planchthe, epei Troies hieron ptoliethron eperse;
pollwn d’ anthropon iden astea kai noon egno,

Of the man, Muse, sing to me, the clever man who suffered
much, after he plundered the stronghold of Troy;
He saw the towns and learned the minds of many distant men,

Another highlight today! I arrived at Odysseus’s island Ithaki. What a nice place. I dropped the anchor in Vathi which is the main town. Vathi is located around a big bay which cuts deep into the island. The bay is surrounded by hills and mountains and everything is green which is common for the Ionian Islands. There are about 40 boats at anchor in the bay and another 40 moored stern-to directly to the promenade. Some of them have direct access to the tavernas. That’s quite practical if you had too much of the local wine. You just stand up from your chair and step onto your boat :-)

20150721 Ithaki ont he wa cape
Every cape has its own wind. This one at the south west corner of Lefkas was responsible for 16 knots of wind which pushed Matilda about one hour in the right direction

20150721 Ithaki entering the bay to Vathi
Entering Ormos Aetou on the way to Vathi

20150721 Ithaki Vathi at anchor
At anchor in Vathi

20150721 Ithaki Taverna
You can’t go closer to a taverna with your boat!

Some impressions from Vathi and the way to Ithaki: