Saturday, May the 30th – 12:00 – Cascais / Portugal – Update

20150528 Matilda Bike

The Biscay crew left three days ago the Gibraltar crew joins this evening. I have used the time to do some cleanup of the boat , installing an anti-syphon / air vented loop in the emergency bilge pump outlet hose, welding the plastic air intake box of the engine and checking company emails and chat with some colleagues in order to get up to date on company issues and contribute if and where needed. Since the weather is quite hot for the time of the year (more than 30C) I also went to the beach and took a refreshing bath in the Atlantic (water temperature 14C).

20150528 Swimming Atlantic 2

20150528 Swimming Atlantic

The engine is also fixed again. The problem was just a faulty exhaust temperature sensor. After all, it would have been easy to find out but finally I am glad Vetus has checked the engine’s temperature at various locations and all seems ok. The repair did not cost anything as it is still covered by warranty. As it seems, the yellow paint applied and the label are not suitable for the 70-80C normal operating temperature of the engine. The paint breaks off and the label becomes unreadable.

20150528 Vetus

Two days ago, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet arrived in Lisbon. For those who don’t know the Volvo Ocean Race is a round the world regatta. Lisbon is the 1st port of call back in Europe. Visitors can have a look at the ocean racing machines on the VOR village.

20150528 VOR

Of course I visited Lisbon. There is a train every 15min to the city center and it takes only 35min. It is great fun biking through a city you have never been before. Below is a collection of some of the pictures I took:

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  1. Hallo Angelos,
    dann war das Problem mit dem Motor ja nicht so schwierig. Ich wünsche dir und der neuen Crew einen schönen Törn nach Gribraltar.

    1. Hi Rolf, nein zum Glück war es kein echtes Prolem. Törn nach Gibraltar hat gestern angefangen. Heute waren es bis Windstärke 8 von Cabo de Sao Vincente nach Lagos. Beeindruckende Wellen ums cap und es hat richtig geblasen bis in den Hafen Lagos hinein. Um 23:00 war der Spuk dann vorbei. Der Nortada beginnt hier um die Mitagszeit und blässt bis nach Sonnenuntergang mit F5 bis F6. Wenn dann noch Cap- und Düseneffekte hinzukommen können es auch schnell mal F7 bis F8 werden. Trotz des vorsorglich eingebundenen zweiten Reffs war ich noch etwas übertakelt und Matilda schob machnal mit mehr als 8 kn durch die Wellen. Da das neue Crewmitglied keine Segelerfahrung hat ist es fast Einhandsegeln. Dir alles Gute, Angelos

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