Monday, July the 13th – 23:00 – Le Castella / Calabria

Leg 6 started on Saturday afternoon. The new crew arrived at midday, we bought some provisions had a nice pizza and went. After a short stop in a bay outside the harbour for swimming we headed NE for Le Castella. The plan was to sail through the night and arrive next day in the afternoon. At about 19:00 a fresh breeze started to blow and we set sail. It is always a magic moment when the engine is switched off and the sails start pushing the boat silently through the sea. The wind freshened-up to F5 during the evening and we were sailing close hauled at a speed of 6 to 7 knots into the night. At about 01:00 the wind died away completely. The day remained windless until our arrival at Le Castella.

201507013 North Ionio
A hot and windless day beginns at the Calabrian East coast

201507013 Matilda Moored in Le Castella Calabria
Moored in Marina Le Castella

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