Wednesday, August the 30th 2017

Matilda did not have enough for this summer, so I untied the lines and took her out for a little single-handed adventure to the island of Milos about a week ago. I started on Tuesday the 22nd at 6 pm and sailed through the night. A constant F5 was responsible for a fast passage to the island of Milos. 112 NM in 19 hours. I spent the next day exploring the island on a scooter. Since I wanted to be back on Monday next week, I left again on Friday in the morning ignoring the other sailor’s warnings because of the bad weather (the forecast was N F7). It was a relatively rough close hauled passage to Poros which I reached about 12 hours later. Average wave height was about 1.5m but some waves were double that height. The next day on the way to Cap Sounion the conditions were similar. I anchored in the bay underneeth Poseidon’s temple at Cap Sounion. The wind increased during the night and it was blowing at min F7 in the morning. After lifting the anchor, I rounded the cape and headed north into Makronisos channel which I believe was a mistake. Course and wind were both N and it was now blowing at F8. Because of the very steep waves, I was just making under 3 knots whilst running under engine at 2400 rpm. At the north exit of Makronisos channel, the conditions worsened and the waves became bigger, steeper and very confused. It was almost impossible to keep the boat on course and I was seriously considering turning back and going into Lavrion harbour for shelter. Conditions became better after a while and I finally decided to proceed. I arrived in Almyropotamos in the evening. It is amazing how you get used to the situation but I learned that it does not really make sense to fight against the weather in such conditions. If something goes wrong you may have a serious problem, especially if you are sailing solo. Anyway, the last day was perfect sailing at F5 and a moderate sea state and compensated for the “punishment” of the previous day.

I compiled a little video for those interrested:

Friday, August the 11th 2017

There were quite some minutes of video material left from the Kafireas Strait and after I had finished the video of the whole voyage some days ago, I thought it would make sense to compile an additional little video just showing the crossing since most sailors are interested in seeing how a boat behaves in rough weather.

Matilda was very easy on the helm and our crossing was very relaxed by the way. Enjoy: