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Born in Germany and grown up in Greece directly by the sea, I learned sailing quite early in my life. The first boat was a converted wooden rowing boat which was not a “sailing” dinghy at all. I had sewed the sails myself and they were flat as blankets. Although it wasn’t possible to sail close hauled and tacking angle must have been something like 150°, I had a lot of fun. Some years later my brother and I got a “Wildflower” which was made for sailing on a lake at F4 max. Reefing was not possible. We sailed that dinghy at F6+ which was definitely too much for the construction, until the mast broke through the hull. We repaired it and went on. Finally we got a real sailing racer, a Parker 505. I didn’t enjoy that one much because I moved to Germany a bit later for studying. Once there I started taking courses and “collecting” licenses: A, BR, SKS, SBF See, SBF Binnen, SRC and UBI… crazy. So many licenses but sailing can only be leaned by doing. I started chartering yachts and going sailing with friends. I have sailed in Greece, the Caribbean, the Canaries, the Baltic, the North Sea and English Channel and now I am writing this, I am rounding Europe on my own boat. What a great feeling!

About me - fofi
1970 – this is the boat that was converted into a sailing boat

About me - 505
1981 – 505 sailing with my brother

About me - 1st time Skipper
1987 – 1st time charter skipper in the Aegean Sea on a van de Stadt 34

About me - On the way to Cabo de Sao Vincente
2015 – Rounding Europe – Portuguese Atlantic coast

About me - Gibraltar
2015 – Rounding Europe – Arriving in Gibraltar

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  1. Hey Ewald,

    I am happy to see that you could make your dream come true.

    I wish you all the best.

    Maybe there will be a chance for me to join sometime.

    Best regards (…und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel…),


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