• All through hulls and valves replaced by bronze ones. Some had ben renewed by previous owners but unfortunately these were not dezincification resistant. Some older valves were stuck and could not be closed.
  • 60m 8mm calibrated galvanized anchoring chain (with break load test certificate) was installed.
  • VHF repaired in order to accept NMEA data from the GPS and show the position.


  • New wind, speed and depth instruments. Raymarine ST60+
  • Installation of solar panels. 2 X Victron BlueSolar 50Wp on stainless steel stern gantry. The charge controller BlueSolar MPPT-100/15 features maximum power point tracking for most efficient energy harvesting.
  • Battery monitor Victron BMV-702. The unit can monitor the charge state of the domestic battery and the voltage of the starter battery. If connected to a computer and using Victron’s software, parameters can be logged continuously allowing the data to be plotted over time.
  • The exhaust system was modified because it would pour water back into the engine in heavy following seas if the boat would be heeling too much to portside. The waterlock was modified and an option was added allowing drainage of the system.
  • 3700GPH Rule electric bilge pump installed.
  • Manual bilge pump replaced.
  • The Vesper Marine XB-8000 AIS transponder was installed replacing the existing AIS receiver. The unit is connected to the same antenna that is used by the VHF Radio by the means of an VHF/AIS antenna Splitter (Vesper Marine SP 160). A very nice feature of this splitter is the implemented VSWR meter. In my installation, it showed me that there was a problem with one of the connectors.
  • New VHF/AIS antenna and low loss cable.
  • Long range WiFi installation.
  • New 20 kg Rocna anchor with 60m galvanized calibrated chain.


  • All batteries replaced
  • Barbarossa aft stay tensioner repaired
  • All old layers of antifouling removed


  • Rudder bearing repaired
  • Rudder shaft leakage repaired
  • Rudder shaft stuffing box – packing gland renewed
  • Centa-coupling bearing propperly mounted to the hull
  • Engine air intake box replaced
  • One portlight rebedded


  • New Plexiglass in all portlights
  • Both Deck Vents replaced
  • New echo sounder installed
  • UV protection strip addet to working jib
  • New Lazy Bag


  • New main sail (Hagoort Sails NL)
  • New Sprayhood
  • Steering wheel, compass and hatch covers (UV protection)


  • Centaflex prop shaft coupling renewed
  • Navigation lights sockets and cabling renewed
  • Sealing of aft cabin portlights renewed
  • Exhaust waterlock repaired (leakage)
  • Engine sea water pump (Jabsco) sealing replaced

10 Replies to “Upgrades”

  1. Hi you wrote that you have replaced all the batteries. Can you be so kind and tell me exactly which one you have bought and if you are happy with it. Because I have to replace mine, too. Thanks a lot Klaus / Tavarua HR 352

    1. Hi Klaus, I have 3 batteries installed, a starter battery and two domestic batteries connected in parallel. All 3 of them are “Exide ER 550 DUAL Marine Battery 115Ah” which are actually the same type and make as the ones that I replaced. The previous ones lasted approximately 10 years. They are connected to the alternator via a schottky diode splitter which I wanted to replace by a Sterling Power PSR122 0.0V drop alternator splitter for better charging because of the lower voltage drop out. It is important not to discharge them too much because lifetime is a function of how often and how deep you discharge. A better choice if you need more capacity would probably be to use gel batteries for the domestic battery bank, like the Exide Gel ES1300 Marine & Multifit . These ones are 58mm higher so check carefully if they fit in the box. You would probably also need a new charger if you change to gel. Always fair winds, Evan

  2. I was admiring the non slip finish that you have on your decks in place of the original teak.
    The teak on the deck of my HR352 is getting to the end of its life and I was wondering if you could tell me what product you used and what colour it is as I would be very interested in using the same

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks, I am very plrased with my deck too :-)

      Since the boat is located in Greece now, it has a significant advantage by being cooler and also keeping the temperature below deck a bit lower. It was done by the previous owner Guus and he told me how.
      Here is what he wrote:

      After removal of the teak and a drying period, screw holes were sealed.
      Thereafter, 2 layers of glass mat over the entire deck.
      Shipyard Vlieger has primed and then painted the deck. The deck is painted with anti-slip paint of De IJssel.
      Web site: http://www.jachtwerfvlieger.nl/
      The technical man is Jan Huizer, a first-class professional.

      It sounds like a lot of work and it won’t be cheap but it will be a lot cheaper than replacing the whole teak deck.
      If I am not wrong, the job was a few thousand EUR. Paint is De IJssel Double Coat, colour is white/cream for the non antislip and a very pale graygreenish on the antislip areas.

      Good luck and Always fair winds!

  3. Hello,

    we are looking to buy one HR 352. The boat has Volvo 2003T engine which is not in great condition, so we were thinking to replace it with new Vetus M4 45 (new model of M4 17). I saw Matila has the same engine so I just want to ask you does the M4 17/ M4 45 fits the engine stand inside the boat normally or it is necessary to do some bigger changes?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Jardan and welcome to my blog,
      Since I have not answered anything for quite some time, I guess you either have already bought another boat or changed the engine. For the case you are still interested in an answer: The Vetus M4.17 does not directly fit on the base of the old Volvo Penta MD 21 which was the on installed on Matilda. I am not aware of the differences to the 2003T. Beta Marine provides an adapter service for their engines. I am quite pleased with the Vetus.
      Fair winds,

  4. Hello,

    Did you have installed a hydraulic ram for autopilot? I want to install one on my 352 but don’t know how best install. If you have, can you send me some pictures?

    fair winds

    1. Hi Thomas,
      it is quite some time I had looked into my blog and thus the delay. I have not installed an hydraulic ram. My autopilot (an old ST5000 sail) works with Raymarine’s Linear Drive Type 1 which is connected to the quadrant of the rudder shaft. I could send you some pictures if you are still interested.
      Fair winds,

  5. Hi Evan,
    what kind of gas bottles do you use and how have you fixed them in the anchor box? I´m using campinggas bottles and laminated a wooden base in the starbord aft corner of the anchor case to leave space for 60m of chain.
    Thanks for telling me yopur experience!
    Erwin, 352 Hulda

    1. Hi Erwin,
      I am using the same as you Campingaz. There is a base in the anchor locker close to the bow where the bottle sits on. I also have 60m of 8mm chain in the locker but I always need to make sure it stores correctly when I am lifting the anchor in order to avoid from he chain piling up and blocking the windlass.
      Fair winds,

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