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  1. L.s.
    Fropm Guus I heard that you have some problems with the lining of the lower bearing of the Rudder.
    I also revised this lower bearing on Duco (HR352 buildnumber 414).
    For the lining I used an AL pipe round 40 mm. long enough to come out on the inside and visible. In the “bottom” of this pipe I placed a piece of round AL that on the top fitted exactly in the pipe and the other side fitted exactly in the bearing. If the pipe is staight the bearings are in line. So I fixed the bearing in line. Then I removed the pipe by putting it upo to the inside. Then I remounted the rudder.
    If you have question you can contact me on my E-mail. Regards, Joost van Hoof.

    1. Hello Joost and thank you very much for your comment and advice! As you can probably see on my blog, I have used a very similar approach for trying to align the hinges. I turned the rudder stock upside down and used an adaptor that I had made on the lathe which fitted one side on the rudder stock end (40mm) and the other side inside the hinge that goes on the skeg. So far so good… the problem is now that it is not possible to get the hinge to where the rudder stock end is. The only possibility that I see is removing the rudder shaft, opening up a bit the hole in the hull and re-bedding with the rudder stock in place for correct alignment. I didn’t want to do this because I think that there must be a solution without taking the whole boat apart :-) The lower hinge is “best case” about 4mm off axis and since the rudder only turns about +/- 35° I suppose I will get it working properly. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experience! Best regards, Evan

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