Sunday, July the 23rd 2018

Brief update

Time is short this year, thus only a very brief update. Matilda is of course back in the water and all systems and repairs seem to work fine except of the depth meter which is a bit of a mystery, but I will get that fixed too.

The mast and all wires and terminals were checked first time after 3 years. There are no problems.

Halkoutsi home port „aerial“ view from the mast top.

At anchor in Porto Buffalo bay after a short weekend trip.

5 Replies to “Sunday, July the 23rd 2018”

  1. It’s nice to see that you and Matilda are on a trip again. We wish you lots of fun and very happy moments.
    See you soon mate.
    Sam, Tanja & Emma

    1. Hi there! Thanks my friend! Only a little trip though because of the missing time but good to have everything in working order again. Enjoy your holidays and see you soon :-)

  2. Good day. Our HR 352 Voila is under repair in Ipswich England. I enjoy looking at other 352s. Unfortunately our yacht was involved in a collision. She is near repair completion.

    1. Hi Alan, I had a look at your Blog. Really sad to see your 352 in that condition after the collision. Good that there were no injuries though. I also had a little repair to do with one of the stanchions which was violently pulled out and cracked the laminate. The most difficult part of the repair was the replacement of the also broken teak caprail but everything is done now and Matilda is almost ready for the water. Always fair winds, Evan

      1. I am in Quebec, trying to coordinate the repair of Voila our HR 352 in Ipswich, England. When we get back sometime in June I will be giving away a lot of HR specific parts. Old moonlight hatches, smashed up windshield. Other HR owners might appreciate the spare parts. I have built up a of of crap on board that I must get rid of.
        Should I go to the Med? Our problem is the Schengen Treaty.

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