2014 English Channel

Matildas English Channel voyage in 2014 was the first longer trip I did with her. It was some kind of a preparation voyage to the planned Round Europe trip. I could see how she handles, get an idea of what upgrades or improvements I still have to do and of course check if all systems work as they should at least for 2 weeks in English Channel weather. It was also a preparation trip for me for the English Channel in 2015 and also the Bay of Biscay. I did the voyage with Moritz who was looking for a challenging trip at that time in order to improve his skills and gain more experience. It was a great time where demanding sailing was combined with watching of many games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, most of them in English pubs enjoying some pints of good English bitter bier.

I spent some time and made a little video which can be watched on YouTube or just below.






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