Sunday, July the 23rd 2018

Brief update

Time is short this year, thus only a very brief update. Matilda is of course back in the water and all systems and repairs seem to work fine except of the depth meter which is a bit of a mystery, but I will get that fixed too.

The mast and all wires and terminals were checked first time after 3 years. There are no problems.

Halkoutsi home port „aerial“ view from the mast top.

At anchor in Porto Buffalo bay after a short weekend trip.

Sunday, July the 1st 2018

Ready to go

There was some additional delay because of the extensive rain last week. The primer could not be applied. Now after the rudder quadrant was remounted the antifouling paint was finished and the engine was tested, Matilda is ready for the water again.

Waiting for the travel liftIt was a good feeling finally applying the antifouling on the rudder