Thursday, April the 26th 2018

More repairs – part 2

OK, let’s see what’s going on with the other issues.

Ruder shaft stuffing box body back in place with fresh Sikaflex 291i

Among other things, there was the CENTA coupling, the Volvo shaft seal, the cutlass bearing and the ruder shaft seal. The rudder shaft was leaking a little but not through the packing box. The leakage was between the rudder shaft tube and the fiberglass laminate.

Stuffing box housing removed from the rudder shaft tube. The sealing at this end was done by the means of silicone which could easily be pealed off.

A big square pipe was used with two screws welded at the corners for unscrewing the stuffing box housing. It was an easy operation.

New Volvo Penta propeller shaft sealing installed.

CENTA AGM Coupling with new rubber part back in place.

All screws were tightened according to the manufacturer’s instructions using a torque wrench (…of course :-) ).

Cutlass bearing replaced and remounted. I have sealed part of the internal thread and the contact area to the hull with Sikaflex 291i.

This ring, is supposed to be used at the location where the rudder shaft exits the hull. Together with some Pantera MS-3000/60 V2 Marine Sealant is should provide proper sealing and solve the leakage problem.

A groove of 3mm depth was made around the shaft into the hull and the ring was placed into it with some Pantera MS-3000/60 V2 Marine Sealant.

…more to come soon

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