Wednesday, May the 20th – 12:30 – Baiona/Spain

Yesterday was the best day so far. We have been surfing up to 4 meter big following waves for 12 hours in a run from Camariñas to Baiona. It was a sunny day and real “blue water sailing”. Matilda being a long (-ish) keel yacht could not have behaved better providing a great sense of safety. The autopilot had little to do, most of the time the steering wheel did not move. Only when bigger waves were lifting and pushing her stern aside to much, the autopilot had to do a heftier correction.

20150519 Waves 3

20150519 Waves 1

20150519 Waves 2

At 22:45 yesterday we arrived in Baiona. The approach was impressive with all the lighthouses cardinal buoys directional and sector lights blinking and flashing in green white or red all around the area.

20150519 Baiona HarbourMatilda in Baiona harbour

We decided to stay for a day and explore the area.

Tomorrow’s destination is Viana do Castelo.

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