Sunday, May the 24th – 20:00 – Peniche / Portugal

Yesterday Figueira da Foz, today Peniche, tomorrow Lisbon. We started early in the morning again (6:00) in order to arrive at a time where the marina office is still open but without success. It is supposed to be open until 18:00 Portuguese time, but it was closed. Again no access to the toilets and showers and even more annoying no card for opening the gate to the marina. Peniche is one of the most important fishing harbors of Portugal and there are many fish restaurants at the promenade. We will definitely not stay on board and will probably have to climb over the marina gate when coming back.

Bothe sailing days were great with nice Atlantic swell and a steady Nortada /Portuguese trade winds) blowing at about F4 – F5. Every day at about 18:00 – 19:00 when we are arriving at our destination, the wind increases to about F6 – F7 adding this little extra kick to the maneuvering in the unknown harbour.

20150524 On the way again 1On the way south again

20150524 On the way again 2

20150524 Atlantic swellAtlantic swell

20150524 Fishing netsFishing nets all along the coast

20150524 Arriving in PenicheArriving in Peniche

20150524 Peniche HarbourPeniche Harbour